Enable Nuget Package Restore

Enable Nuget Package Restore

To enable Nuget Package Restore, first check if package restore is enabled from the visual studio options.

Allow Nuget to download missing packages

Open visual studio and follow the steps given below:

Tools / Options / NuGet Package Manager / Allow NuGet to download missing packages

Lastly check the checkbox for "Allow NuGet to download missing packages" as shown in the following image.

Nuget package manager options

If it is already enabled open Nuget Package Manager console:

Tools / NuGet Package Manager / Package Manager Console

Run the command

Install-Package NuGetEnablePackageRestore

You may get the result

NuGet Enable Package Restore Fix
To fix package restore:
1. Please enable package restore in Visual Studio FIRST.
2. Run the command: Install-NuGetEnablePackageRestoreFix 
3. Restart Visual Studio.

This should fix that pesky broken build you are experiencing.

Then, just run the command 


and restart Visual Studio.

Enable Nuget Package Restore
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