How can I implement C/C++ "union" in C#?

How can I implement C/C++ "union" in C#?

C# doesn't natively support the C/C++ notion of unions. However, you can use the StructLayout(LayoutKind.Explicit) and FieldOffset attributes to create equivalent functionality. Try the given code below:

using System.Runtime.InteropServices;

struct Data {
  public byte Byte1;
  public byte Byte2;
  public byte Byte3;
  public byte Byte4;
  public byte Byte5;
  public byte Byte6;
  public byte Byte7;
  public byte Byte8;
  public int Int1;
  public int Int2;

One thing to be careful of is the endian-ness of the machine if you plan to run it on non-x86 platforms that may have differing endianness.

See for an explanation.

How can I implement C/C++
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