What is horsepower? Kw hp conversion

What is horsepower? Kw hp conversion

Horsepower (hp) is the unit of power/energy, generally used to determine the power of automobiles and electric motors. The term was coined by James Watt in the years when steam engines began to be produced, so that the power of these machines could be easily understood by potential buyers. Its extension is written as hp.

Kilowatt horsepower conversions

How many horsepower is 1 kilowatt?

1 kW equals 1.341 hp.

How many kilowatts is 1 horsepower?

1 hp equals 0.745 kW.

How many kilowatts of energy does a car with 160 horsepowers produce?

160 x 0.745 = 119.2 kw

What is the horsepower of a 1400 kilowatt engine?

1400 x 1.341 = 1877.4 hp

More inforation about horsepower

The expression of horsepower, which dates back 200 years, arises from the fact that nothing comes to mind when it comes to carrying cargo. For this reason, the concept of horsepower is not fully understood and is confused by many people.

For example, when one says a car with 100 horsepower, it is understood the power produced by 100 horses. Horsepower is a very different concept.

Horse Power, if we explain it in the most basic way; it is the amount of force required to move a load weighing 75 kg 1 meter in 1 second. The letters "HP" representing horsepower are the first letters of Horse Power.

In fact, the amount of load that a real horse or horse carries forward 1 meter in 1 second is approximately 50 kg on average. However, while the power of the engines was symbolized, for some reason, engineers defined this weight as 75 kg. The first engineer to use the definition of horsepower is the famous inventor James Watt.

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- What is horsepower? Kw hp conversion
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