OpenWire is Apache’s cross language Wire Protocol to allow native access to ActiveMQ from a number of different languages and platforms. OpenWire is a binary protocol designed for working with message-oriented middleware. It is the native wire format of ActiveMQ.

OpenWire is an open source dataflow programming library that extends the functionality of Embarcadero Delphi and C++ Builder by providing pin type component properties.

Pins form the connections between the components. OpenWire defines 4 types of pins:

SourcePin usually provides data. Can connect to one or more SinkPins and to one StatePin.

SinkPin usually received data. Can be connected to one SourcePin.

MultiSinkPin usually received data. Can be connected to one or more SourcePin.

StatePin usually is used to share state between components. Can be connected to one or more StatePins or SinkPins, and to one SourcePin.

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