Oracle WebLogic consists of a Java EE platform product-family that includes:

• a Java EE application server, WebLogic Application Server

• an enterprise portal, WebLogic Portal

• an Enterprise Application Integration platform

• a transaction server and infrastructure, WebLogic Tuxedo

• a telecommunication platform, WebLogic Communication Platform

• an HTTP web server

Oracle WebLogic Server forms part of Oracle Fusion Middleware portfolio and supports Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Enterprise and other JDBC-compliant databases. Oracle WebLogic Platform also includes:

• JRockit, a custom JVM.

• Korthal that includes Commerce Server and Personalization Server

• WebLogic Integration

• WebLogic Workshop, an Eclipse IDE for Java, SOA and Rich Internet Applications

WebLogic Server includes .NET interoperability and supports the following native integration capabilities:

• CORBA connectivity

• COM+ Connectivity

• IBM WebSphere MQ connectivity

• Java EE Connector Architecture

• Native enterprise-grade JMS messaging

• WebLogic/Tuxedo Connector

Oracle WebLogic Server Process Edition also includes Business Process Management and Data Mapping functionality. WebLogic supports security policies managed by security administrators. The Oracle WebLogic Server Security Model includes:

• application business logic separated from security code

• complete scope of security coverage for all Java EE and non-Java EE components

As of 2010, Oracle Corporation regards the following products as "core components" of Oracle WebLogic Server:

• Enterprise Grid Messaging

• JMS Messaging Standard

• JRockit

• Oracle Coherence, in-memory caching of frequently used data across multiple servers

• Oracle TopLink

• Oracle WebLogic Server Web Services

• Tuxedo

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