Rapid Addition FIX API

Rapid Addition FIX API

Rapid Addition's products include the industry's most consistent low latency FIX and FAST engines and capture the company's unique insight and extensive experience in the FIX marketplace.

Fragmentation, regulation, and market volatility continue to create an ever-more complex trading environment with Exchanges, MTF’s, and other execution venues all vying to differentiate themselves and attract flow. Technology is key to seeking liquidity with smart order routing and low-latency, at an affordable price, becoming ever-more essential in the quest to show a realisable return on investments.

Rapid Addition has seen a number of common key challenges with our clients such as;

• Latency

• Complexity of integration with clients

• Managing market data bandwidth

Rapid Addition are at the forefront of providing clients with a range of FIX and FAST engine solutions and products that enable them to gain that competitive edge, below are a range of our products that are used by a number of Exchanges globally.

RA Cheetah FIX – C# FIX Engine | Java FIX Engine | .Net FIX Engine

The RA–Cheetah™ FIX engine is the highest performing messaging engine for the FIX protocol. Whether you need a low-latency .NET / C# FIX engine or a low-latency Java FIX Engine, RA-Cheetah provides the lowest-latency FIX Engine available on the market today.

The RA–Cub FIX engine is an entry level FIX engine designed to give new entrants an affordable flexibility. RA-Cub provides a smooth upgrade to the RA-Cheetah FIX Engine so transition to a low-latency engine later on, should it be required, is a simple operation, requiring no new Systems Integration effort.

RA-Cub is available both as a .NET/C# FIX Engine and as a Java FIX Engine, with both versions being deployable to multiple environments.

How RA-Cheetah FIX engine enhances your trading capability:


• Increases messaging throughput; a single instance of RA-Cheetah FIX engine can process significantly more messages than any competitor

• Fullly scalable to meet your needs


- Consistent low-latency message delivery with no nasty outliers

- Ultra low-latency with consistent measurement

• Continually optimised to further enhance performance, typically we are 35x faster than other FIX engines

• The only FIX vendor to conduct a continual program of testing in Intel's Low-Latency Labs


• Higher performance from commoditised hardware

• Lower systems and operational costs

• Higher transaction volume processing = lower data centre footprint

• Reduced energy consumption: greener footprint

• Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

• Accelerated return on investment (ROI)

Operational Flexibility of the Rapid Addition FIX API

• Simplicity

• Full in-flight session independence

• Full transport independence

• FIX repository-driven

• All versions of FIX-out-of-the-box from 4.0 to 5.0 (all service packs)

• Ease of integration & customisation (integration in days, not months)

• Supports local dialects and customised repositories

• Platform independent - available as a .NET/C# FIX Engine and as a Java FIX Engine

• Fully compatible with all FAST engines

• Support for direct integration with .NET and Java applications

• All versions can be run on Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Apple Mac

• C# version is "out-of-the-box" deployable as a stand-alone Windows service

Features of Rapid Addition FIX Engine

• Multiple logging options including; log to database, file, bespoke storage devices, and, of course, no logging

• Supports multiple session with different service windows

• Supports non-standard dialects and customisations

• Utilises FPL’s repository updates so new FIX releases are supported immediately

• Customisations applied quickly through configuration; no code updates

• Sample open source messages included as standard

• Supports TCP or UDP

• Supports multiple transports, including FIXT1.1

• Support for FIXML

• Available as a .NET/C# FIX engine or a Java FIX Engine

• Ability to support EMX

Rapid Addition FIX API
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