The VersaFix project is focused on developing an open-source FIX engine for the .NET platform. The VersaFix system provides a robust FIX engine and related set of libraries that can be used for developing FIX protocol applications.

The VersaFix Project team is pleased to announce that we've now incorporated support for QuickFIX format data dictionaries into the dictionary editor that is provided with the VersaFix system.

The VersaFix dictionary editor is a GUI utility that allows you to inspect and modify data dictionaries used by the popular QuickFIX and VersaFIX open source FIX engines. It's the first of many tools that are being developed by the VersaFix project to simplify the development of production trading systems using open source technologies.

If you're using QuickFIX, please take a look at the dictionary editor in VersaFix and let us know if there is any way that we can improve it to better support your needs. The editor is called 'DxEditor' and is located in the Bin\Utilities folder of your working directory after building the VersaFix system using VS2008.

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